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I am here to help you with VAST- TV satellite receivers and Equipment and your TV Antennas needs.  I estimate 7'500+ satellites installs and Television works  30'000+ jobs and growing. My Competitors will say I am dreaming on these numbers but I know  what I have done over the past 33 years!

Why People Call Us

Why people Call Colac TV -We’re your go-to techs! You get a Tech that know what his doing! You get top quality products and service. local Knowledge and a Tech who can make it all happen. With us, you’ll get the best TV Antenna, Satellite and CPE Communications Solutions.

Experienced Staff

I have been in the TV Antenna industry for past 33 years . Installing Both Satellite Communication Service and TV Antennas. 

Competitive Pricing

I am  here not to beat our competitors with price ! I am here to help provide you in what you need re your Satellite Communication Service Equipment and TV Antennas needs.


Satellite Receivers

Satellite Receivers

Satellite Receivers

I have all of the range in stock.

 satellite communication service receiver and equipment from UEC/ALTECH

Travellers Kits

Satellite Receivers

Satellite Receivers

We have every thing you need to get you started with your Satellite Communication Service-

Dishes, LNB's, Cable, Mounts, Vast APPROVED Receivers, Satellite Finder. Give Me a Call  for a price.


Tech Support

Satellite Receivers

Tech Support

Give Me a call and if I can help I will 


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