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Q: What’s the difference between a free-to-air distribution amplifier such as a DW30 and a multichannel hybrid distribution amplifier such as ACA864?

A: A multichannel amplifier such as the ACA864 is designed for applications that require more than 40 channels and is optimised to minimise unwanted intermodulation products when amplifying so many channels at a high output level. A free-to-air amplifier such as the DW30 amplifier is designed for applications with fewer channels (typically 6 to 8) and therefore requires a lower output capability performance, hence the lower price.


The number of channels being amplified will determine the amplifier to be used. Check the maximum output specification of the amplifier and each time 3dB is subtracted from that figure, it is possible to double the channels being amplified.

For example, ACA864 max output:

2 channels:
120dB @ -60dBIMR
4 channels:
117dB @ -60dBIMR
8 channels:
114dB @ -60dBIMR

All GME Kingray Distribution Amplifiers incorporate a unique push button equalisation system.

GME Kingray Distribution Products allow all future and some current products to be line powered to and around if required.



The DXX range of cable amplifiers can provide solutions for all your cable television networks. Due to the new forms of technology, GaAs has been employed that can give the performance of 2x ‘standard push-pull’ or ‘power doubled amplifiers’ in one unit. There are locally or remotely powered models with a full range of optional modules available all in fully shielded IP54 cases. Note: The ACA88428/80428 and DXX amplifiers are all available with either 5-30/44-860MHz or 5-65/85-860MHz return path splits.

(For optional tapped or split outputs and additional DXX connectors refer to accessories.)

Kingray has just developed the first Australian designed and manufactured satellite IF distribution amplifier. The SAT32 has fixed 3dB of equalisation with 32dB of gain at 2050MHz to 29dB gain at 950MHz. There is a 20dB attenuator with an optional power switch available to feed the L.N.B. The amplifier can run on voltages from 8-18VDC allowing the horizontal or vertical transponders to be powered, depending on the power supply used (currently packed with a 18VDC power supply). The SAT32 can be locally or remotely powered depending on the requirements, with a free-to-air diplexing port available for MATV integration. [120mA @ 18VDC]
Teleste’s MHA332 is a satellite IF distribution amplifier with 5dB of fixed equalisation from 38dB at 2050MHz to 33dB at 950MHz. There is a 20dB attenuator with an optional power switch available to feed the L.N.B. of 18VDC. This unit can be incorporated into the Teleste traditional mounting system in the second last position allowing the MHA278 to be used in conjunction (as seen in picture). There is a free to air port available for the integration purpose if required. [170mA @ 18VDC]
A simple line powered SAT IF amplifier. It employs 13dB of fixed gain at 950MHz and 20dB of fixed gain at 2050MHz. It can be powered by a 13V or 18V power supply.

Due to the up take of satellite in many multi-dwelling units and commercial systems, a simple solution is available without having to run new cables (as long as the existing coaxial cables are of good quality). The satellite IF signals can be injected into the existing free-to-air system using the SAT32 to combine the signals and a SATDP to separate them.

Multiswitches (Available on request)