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Distribution Amplifiers are generally used where sufficient input levels are received from the antenna and multiple outputs are required from one system. Depending on the system requirements, Kingray and Teleste have numerous different models for all applications.






A 15db high input high output distribution amplifier with adjustable gain and equalisation. It has been designed using a hybrid push pull microstrip for very low distortion levels and is ideally suited as a multichannel line amplifier or as a last stage power amplifier. There are three models available:

DA15: 40-860 MHz.
DA15 PR1: 45-860 MHz, 5-30 MHz passive return path.
DA15 PR2: 85-860 MHz, 5-56 MHz passive return path.

The DA15 series is fully shielded and can be powered locally or via a plug pack or remotely using accessories. [260 mA @ 28V DC].

A fixed 27db, 47-860 MHz distribution amplifier designed specifically for Teleste systems amplifying 8-12 channels. The amplifier is housed in the same module as the single channel amplifiers MHT series. [160 mA @ 18V DC].

A 30db, 40-860 MHz, free to air distribution amplifier with adjustable gain and equalisation. It uses the same bipolar transistors as the DW40 series therefore having the same output levels but less gain. Ideally suited for a large home, small blocks of apartmets and motels. The DW30 is fully shielded and may be powered locally or remotely from the output or by utilising the line powering accessories. [170 mA @ 12V DC].

Kingray's New Generation distribution amplifier utilising Hybrid Bipolar technology. Ideal for all future digital applications. There is a separate input for VHF and UHF or a combined input option. There are three separate -20 dB midstage gain controls on the following bands:

44-144 MHz: 35 dB Maximum.
174-300 MHz: 37 dB Maximum.
470-860 MHz: 40 dB Maximum.

The unit may be stand alone, rack mounted or line powered to the output socket. [300 mA @ 18V DC].

A 43dB, 40-860 MHz launch or repeater distribution amplifier. This unit includes Kingray's New Generation Technology. It provides a cost effective solution for multichannel projects. The DA43 has a 20 dB midstage gain control and up to 15 dB of equalisation. The diecast housing provides extra shielding, with the flexibility of being stand alone, rack mounted/powered or remotely powered to the input. There is a through switch that will switch voltage to the output to allow another unit to be line powered. [300 mA @ 18 V DC].

Teleste ACA864 replaces the ADA408/409 series, is a 40 db multichannel hybrid launch amplifier with adjustable attenutaion and equalisation. This new unit has the added advantage of having the complete amplifier including power supply housed in the one IP54 housing. As this product is high quality and low cost, it is ideal for all the distribution requirements of any MATV network.

Both units are designed as the last distribution amplifier in a CATV network. They incorporate 8 dB of fixed stage equalisation with 29-37 dB of gain and a 15 dB gain control, with a further equalisation control if required. There is a passive return path with the option of amplification if required and a tapped or split output.

The ACA88428 is a locally powered hybrid push-pull amplifier whereas the ACA80428 is remotely powered with a power doubler output stage providing an extra 3 db of output than the push-pull hybrids, whilst maintaining the same channel loading and distortion levels.